Simcoe AI’s Web API documentation

A cognitive solution to shortlist talents

Simcoe AI is an intelligent add-on to your recruiting process to match, sort and rank talents based on your job requirements. Defer the laborious and time-consuming task of examining resumes and screening candidates to our intelligent AI-powered technology.

What does Simcoe AI do?

Simcoe AI simplifies the most difficult element of recruitment which is identifying the right candidates from a large talent lake. Our state-of-art Artificial Intelligence software centrally stores talents’ resumes in separate lakes for lightning-fast cognitive search, fine-tuned relevancy, also accurate sorting and ranking.

Intelligent matching

Our AI-powered software already knows that talent or candidate is more than a list of keywords in a resume. It matches the resume based on the entire data found in the context of the job assignment and a holistic profile.

Accurate ranking

Our software eliminates irrelevant candidates from the search results. What the system surfaces are the best matches to the job. It ranks the results descendingly based on the closest match to the job description’s context.

Recommendation engine

Our software uses an algorithm that can recommend talents similar to the qualifications of another one. Leverage this feature if you wish to have a broader range of choices for a given job description.

Unlimited capacity

We have implemented a cloud-based application with a state-of-art architecture resilient to system load. It scales out automatically and uses more cloud resources if necessary to deliver results efficiently.


Application workflow

The high level picture of the application’s workflow is explained here.

Simcoe AI API documentation

A thorough document of Typescript code, submitted payloads and received responses via signalR is found here.

Please ensure that you have reviewed the application’s workflow prior to going through Simcoe AI’s API documentation.

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